Luka Del Rio Abbagail Del Rio

Luka Del Rio  and  Abbagail Del Rio     2016


Luka Del Rio  and  Abbagail Del Rio     2017


My vet always tells me Luka Del Rio is one of the healthiest dogs she sees! He ought to be – he eats better than some people!! I still feed him (and Abby Del Rio of course!) chicken and rice and carrots; some raw and some cooked meat, with chicken hearts and chicken necks for treats. Occasionally he gets steak if I can get it cheap, and that is what I use to hide his pills in as he hates taking pills! And for treats they get this freeze-dried raw duck food that I can buy in the stores. If we ever get that farm we wanted, I am hoping to grow my own food for them!


Sending a couple of photos from our recent camping trip to the east coast. One is from last year when Abby was about six months old. The second is of almost the same spot, a year later, showing how much she has grown! We ended up leaving early because Luka wasn’t feeling well. That was ok because it was hot anyway and the dogs didn’t seem to be enjoying themselves as much as they usually do.
As always, the dogs continue to be a daily blessing in our lives! It is a joy to wake with them everyday! Always a new adventure awaits!


Hope all is well with you in North Florida! Summer is almost upon us! Heat, humidity and storms, oh my!
Thank you again for your assistance! Luka is doing great!