sheba del rio

everybody relaxing in the hammock

Sheba Del Rio                                            Khloe Del Rio

Khloe Del Rio and Sheba Del Rio keeping cool

Hello Bill

Happy Spring! I cannot explain how much our pups have enjoyed lounging around outside enjoying the mild heat and soaking up nature! Khloé has taught Sheba to be well mannered and both are doing exceptionally well! Sheba at just over 6 months old is HUGE! She carries a lot more muscular weight than Khloé does or did at this age! I call her my “Big Black Bear!” Her personality is something else too–smart as a whip and likes to please! Her herding instincts when playing ball are beyond impressive. Sheba is the 1st dog yet to keep up with Khloés endurance & speed! They’ll be unstoppable once she’s fully grown! And both so beautiful!!

She is mostly house trained with some accidents if we get too busy to notice her asking to go out. She seems to understand that it’s not acceptable so we don’t get onto her too much about it. She really seems to enjoy water as much as Khloé and as you can see in a few pics has made herself queen of the sprinkler!! We are excited to take her to the beach in the next few weeks when we visit family for Memorial Day. If time permits we’d like to swing by and say hello! We enjoy seeing you and the animals… the kids really enjoyed visiting too!

All is well and we just wanted to say hello! I have set up a FB page to document Khloé & Sheba’s Tervuren Adventures… if anyone with one of your pups is interested in keeping touch the name to search is “Khloé & Sheba – Prayer Dogs” I look forward to seeing you again soon and hope you enjoy the pictures.

God Bless!