Brinkley Del Rio

I may have previously mentioned one of Brinkley Del Rio’s past times of digging and pulling out tree roots when her playmate is napping. Hence, the dirt on her nose in both pics. Very cute. In keeping with her heritage as a proper southern woman, she will not drink if there is one speck of dirt in her water bowl. We all know how dogs will be lying down, get up, move to another spot to lay down again. Brinkley’s version of this: She will be lying down with me with her head on my shoulder. She will get up, walk around to my other side just to lay down again and put her head on my other shoulder ! Quite funny. Last funny habit: If I am playing with Brinkley alone, and my other dog walks over to join in, she gets so excited she jumps straight up and down as if on a pogo stick. So funny.                                 Marc

beautiful Brinkley Del Rio is now 8 months old!