tess del rio

Hello Bill, wanted to give an update on Tess with photos.  First day exploring the smaller pen with “doggy door” access into the house.  We are getting the flea infestation under control, she’s much more comfortable now and doing well.  The drive home was a little stressful for her, but once here she was great new surroundings and new people.  Beth’s daughter came over with her two young boys (2 & 4yrs old),Tess was chasing them around the property and was not frightened at all.  She also met some friends and was so calm and good.  We had given her a bath to start the flea eradication process, we’ve knocked them down to unnoticeable, but start ADVANTAGE later today.  A little crate training to keep her from chewing on any of the antique furniture, gets a little whiny twice a night.  She’s going to be fine. 

As you can see, she and Bella have taken to each other, very sweet to see.   Included a couple photos of her in yard today, had a break between downpours.  She is a little beauty, amazing personality...and brave.  One good little girl !  

Thank you again,

Ernie and Beth