Rocky Del Rio

Rocky Del Rio

Rocky Del Rio checks out the toy bin from his comfy new bed!  … is good


Just wanted to tell you what a great dog Rocky is. He’s so loyal, and smart, and loves my homemade liver treats! (reminds me, i need to go buy some more liver!)
I take him off leash in the backyard and next-door vacant lot, and throw the tennis ball. He’s keen to fetch and retrieve for a liver treat….. and boy is he quick!!
I’ve taught him to sit and stay, and come running to me when I call…. I do a little bit everyday, and he always has a big smile on his face! He’s so happy!

He’s resting under the kitchen table right now, chewing on a bully stick……special ordered online from Costco, as they were out of stock in the store.
He had a big chicken supper, then walk to Pier 81….. I think he’s just as tired as I am!! We’re up walking again @ 7:00 a.m.