khloe and sheba

Khloe Del Rio

Sheba Del Rio                          Khloe Del Rio

Hello Bill!
I hope this letter finds you well. I have let life get too busy and have failed to send an update on my girls! I have thought to sooner than now but the task always slipped my mind before I would get to it. I apologize as I am sure you enjoy hearing about their good life.
Today is Khloé’s 6th Birthday! I look back on her life with us and consider her a true light in our family! She is beyond a beautiful blessing and we cannot imagine life without her. Her sister Sheba joined our family a little over 2 years ago and since then we have seen Khloe’s playful personality and energy increase from just being a single dog in the home. Khloe often bosses Sheba around and shows her who’s boss… they know their place between each other and both respect the order for now.
Both Khloe & Sheba have been spectacular with our children, as you could have guessed. Our newest addition Asher is almost a year come May and the Belgians play, protect, and love him in ways I have never seen dogs! They’ll lay next to him when he is playing, herd him when walking, and they especially love parking themselves under his high chair at feeding time. He has a tradition of tossing them all his food once he’s done eating!
Sheba has finally calmed a bit from her spunky puppy personality. She is strong, smart, and playful. Her nickname in the house is “Floppy-McFlop-Pants” because she has a silly habit of walking casually up next to you laying on the couch or perhaps in bed and then flopping her entire body right onto your chest or face! It’s comical to watch as she knows exactly what she is doing! Since she’s starting to get so beefy we also sometimes call her “Fatty McFatterson!” She enjoys the playful names that the kids have come up with and at the end of the day she is always our Sweet Sheba!
We hope all is well with you and thank you for your role in the Belgians life! Without you we wouldn’t have them – so we consider you extended family! I enjoy sharing their adventures with you and we hope to do some more hiking and swimming in cool waterholes this summer! I’ll try to update you on their adventures more often!
Oh, I almost forgot. We moved again back to our home in NWGA! Vero wasn’t working out and we missed the mountains and cooler temps! The dogs have been truly enjoying spring in the 50 degree days!
Enjoy the pictures; Take care and God bless!
With love, Lara & family!