stryker del rio

Stryker Del Rio is doing great — we keep him very active and he runs with our German Shepherds alot so he uses up energy.

He is eating mostly chicken — loves rotisserie chicken A LOT. We are adding some rice to the chicken. I have also been giving him turkey and some ground beef.
He enjoys carrots as a treat — especially cold since he is teething and he likes cantaloupe.
He also gets some yogurt for a little extra calcium in addition to cheese. He likes cheese. For training he also gets some chicken, duck and liver jerky.
Our family eats pasta frequently and we have added some macaroni and cheese to his chicken and some ziti noodles.
Also sweet potato which we cook for the sugar gliders.

In between meals he does eat some Earthborn kibble (which my other dogs eat)because he finds some kibble they have left on the floor, but it is not his main meal.