willow del rio

Willow Del Rio….age 9 weeks…on her trip home to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

After 2 flights we are finally here safe and sound. Willow Del Rio is an absolute sweetheart.  She slept snuggled up to me all night until we got up at 4 am.  She was so still I  had to touch her a couple of times to make sure she was still alive.

She nibbled a little bit of chicken this morning and drank a little water.  She was a HUGE hit everywhere we went.  She was constantly surrounded by people and she loved every minute of it.  What a heartbreaker! She slept like an angel through both flights and as soon as I got her home, I pulled out some good home cooked food and she gobbled it down.  The vet said the Advantage  Flea  treatment wouldn’t hurt her, that it was probably all the changes and the travel that was upsetting her.

As you can see. She is quite content now.

Willow at the airport. What a movie star!