Brinkley Del Rio



Brinkley Del Rio  recently completed her third total coloring change since bringing her home. She is now stunning. I assume this is her last change.          Going back in time, she was perfect in the very long car ride home. Entire ride home was in the pelting rain with tornado warnings. She lay cuddled up with her stuffed animal like a darling little princess never making a sound and no accidents or car sickness. Upon arriving home her husky big brother play bowed many many times the first 2 days and I did not believe she understood the meaning of it. After 2 days it was obvious she understood. She trusted him unconditionally. She put her little head inside his jaws to steal his toy. She eats out of his food dish with him. She hurls herself at him jumping on his back. My husky has always been the picture of tolerance, adores her and both delight in tug of war.  After the third day in her new home she did  not pp in the house again.  I believe this was due to modeling her big brother. She required longer to achieve control over her bladder but she has been been good for a while now. It is my understanding pups can’t control their bladders until the 4th month. Brinkley sleeps cuddled up to me with her head on me. Upon awakening she takes a happy pill and is happy and upbeat the whole day. When I sit at my desk she jumps into my lap. She never barks but growls and bares her little baby teeth during her wrestling matches with her big brother. This is very funny to watch. She has discovered the joy of digging at tree roots and her nose is always covered in Georgia red clay and is adorable. One corner of my back deck is about 2.5 feet high. I built her a ramp there and within an hour she was up and down on it as if using it all her life. . Brinkley is anxious in the car unless in the front seat and better yet in my lap.  She loves meeting new dogs at the vets office. People there continue to be stupefied and comment on her elegant appearance. She remains joined at the hip of her big brother. This is a reason it is so difficult to photograph her. I would include them both but she is always partially blocked out by him. She enjoys every fruit and vegetable I offer her. I cook her beef or liver for all meals with brussel sprouts usually mixed in for the antioxidants and other vitamins. I also add good olive oil for the omega 3. At night we have a ritual of eating wild blueberries that she is especially fond of. More antioxidants and vitamins. I guess she is just a georgeous health nut. Thank you again for this wonderful puppy and I look forward to another one.  Wishing you and your animals all good things. Marc