Khloe Del Rio Sheba Del Rio

tervuren dogs
Khloé Del Rio and Sheba Del Rio are doing spectacular. Shebas vet checks have had her weighing in from 5lbs when we got her at 8 weeks to a wonderfully strong 24lbs at 17 weeks!! She’s developing in both temperament and beauty! Khloé and her are best pals — lots of activity always!!

We’re excited to do some traveling this summer and expose Sheba to new fun stuff that Khloé also already loves–like the BEACH!! We’re going to upgrade the car to a minivan to supply ample room to all the growing bodies!! Haha We took the girls up to Gatlinburg TN for a day and Sheba loved all the attention so much she passed out on the street for a little snooze! I guess she has a good example to learn from with Khloé being so well behaved.