This is a new page that we are trying. It may take some time to get it working correctly and in optimal fashion. We all need to be patient as this is new to all of us. If you post on the forum and it does not seem to be working correctly then please notify me by email, there will no doubt be some initial glitches that appear. They will be corrected as we find them.

This forum is about Tervurens and the experience of Tervuren ownership. Every breed of dog has issues and events. Under the ISSUES category we encourage the following format…
ISSUE: My tervuren won’t eat dog treats like milk bone
REPLY: I own a tervuren and had a similar experience. My approach was to smear each dog treat with peanut butter before I offered it. The result was that my tervuren ate 3 dog treats per day after that.

In issues we look for a specific well defined situation and a reply from somebody with firsthand actual experience of the same issue. What we don’t look for is offhand opinions and guesses by interested people who haven’t actually had personal experience of that particular situation.

In EVENTS we offer a place to make announcements concerning your tervuren…you can announce anything that will be of benefit to your tervuren, or concerns your tervuren in a positive way.

PLEASE NOTE that the forum is moderated. All helpful constructive and pleasant interactions on the forum are encouraged. Any other sort of interaction will be removed.


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